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A lonely dinghy soars through the infinite darkness of space. You and your partner follow an ancient treasure map, leading you to one single asteroid among hundreds. This asteroid is the hiding place of a treasure supposedly worth trillions of parrots, and you are set on claiming it. However, the scurvy dogs who hid the treasure laid traps and pitfalls all around the riches, and you forgot your weapons. Fortunately, your partner and you have planned for this moment, training all the way across space. You have mastered the art of lifting each other, balancing atop each other’s heads, and hurling each other like human turnips. Nothing can keep you from gaining the riches you desire!

This is Space Heist, a 2D couch co-op platformer with pirates! It was made as a Capstone Project for GLITCH's Immersion Program during a GameJam

Created by Stefen Menzel, Avery Musbach, Fernando Telles, and John Bode


Space Heist Prototype.zip 43 MB

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